Merlin has conducted several effective training sessions and seminars since 2006. Whether you have a small group or you are planning for a large conference, Merlin’s versatility adapts to the size and orientation of the audience. His teachings are practical and down to earth. He uses thought-provoking questions to engage the audience and to encourage them to take action. He has taught at churches, schools, government offices and in public places to inspire the audience to pursue their dreams and goals.

“Merlin’s organization, Faith, Hope and Love, has a proven record of mobilizing churches and helping Christians to put their faith into action. They helped us with a one-time “mobile food pantry” event that quickly turned into a regular outreach for our church called Project Love. It is still active years later.” ~ Pastor David Kosobucki, Horizon Christian Fellowship Central April 23, 2011

David was with another company when working with Merlin at Faith, Hope and Love

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