Readers respond to The Kingdom In Our Midst

“In The Kingdom in our Midst, Merlin Gonzales uses his own real-life experiences and the powerful insights he has gained to inspire the reader to embrace a simple but amazing expectation–that they, as well as every Christian, are equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit to make the Kingdom of God a truly tangible and visible presence in our world today!” ~CHUCK EVANS, Pastor, the Church of Praise, Westfield, Indiana


“The Kingdom in our Midst”, like Merlin and Faith, Hope and Love, invocates the reader to live out their belief that Jesus is Lord. Like Jesus, we are called to open the table to all people, heal those in need of healing and praise Him. The book reminds us that the Master of the Universe is victorious because of love. He conquered his enemies not with force, but all are in awe of Him because of His love. We are called to love like Him, and the book reminds us of this and FHL is an outlet to live it! ~GABRIELLE NEAL, Program Director, Catholic Charities Indianapolis


“Merlin Gonzales exemplifies the Christian lifestyle by serving the needy, bringing unity to the Body of Christ and walking in miracles, signs and wonders. This book is a testimony of that lifestyle. Merlin shares his vision and strategies for changing a neighborhood, and challenges all of us to go on a mission right in our own backyard. If you want to impact your world, read this book. ” ~LARRY AND ELAINE LEONARD, Catch the Fire USA Mid-West Region Coordinators


“As I was reflecting I couldn’t help but think that if Merlin could do and accomplish so much with his humble beginning what could so many others do if they really understood The Kingdom in our Midst. I understand He has a plan for all of us and only through the leading of the Holy Spirit can we fully realize what that might be. He has equipped all of us with gifts and the tools to get it done. I thank him often for the Merlin’s of the world. You are making a difference and impacting lives Mr Gonzales and this must please Him greatly. Your jewels will be many but nothing can surpass the words when He says WILL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL FRIEND. Keep it going. I’m with you. ” – In His Grip, MATT PEELEN


“Merlin’s desire to make a difference and a meaningful impact in his community is nothing short of miraculous. He brings like minded people together to share the fruits of blessing on those in need.” – THOMAS WALKER,  President, One Accord Ministry

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