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July 20-26: FHL Week 2014 – A decade of missions


It seems like years go by quickly when you are having fun. I vividly remember the first FHL Week in 2005. So, as a part of the 10th Annual FHL Week celebration (and to reminisce the past blessings), I am writing a series of short Blogs about the history of our organization  (see the very first FHL Week banner!). I hope you would be blessed as you read them; you have been a part of this magnificent journey.

In the past several weeks, I have been interviewing people about hunger. We have put together a comprehensive report about the pantries in selected townships. The findings would be used to help improve our food pantry operations and training manual. This report also helps us in defining the next FHL Week which is focused on addressing hunger.

During FHL Week (July 20-26) we are planning to help neighborhood food pantries through food drives, food distributions, repairing or building shelves, organizing, gardening, neighborhood cookouts and many other hunger projects. Please check our FHL Week official site  to find out more info.

Melanie ReedJuly 20-26: FHL Week 2014 – A decade of missions
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